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Wild Bill: Where have you been?

I’m back,
The liberals got into my wife’s head and she kicked me out. But I’m back home now. I guess the Femi-Nazi brainwashing shit(I wanna be independent, I don’t need a man) only applies while there are no jars to open, or bugs to kill, or bills to be paid, or dragons to be slayed.
So she told me that she didn’t think we were going to work out and I should leave. The next day, I get a phone call that I need to watch the kids so she can go to work, (Work to a woman=a place to meet guys) When she found out that I would not be a babysitter anymore, she called DHS (Department of Human Services). DHS could not help her with daycare, so she called me and got pissy saying that if I would not watch the kids while she went to work (to flirt with guys) she was gonna call the police and say I had abondoned the family. That’s was the first time I had heard her say the word family in two years. I told her, “You kicked me out! I didn’t abondoned the family, you abondoned the family, I am not a babysitter, I am your husband, I am our kids father.) I told her that she would have to treat me different before I came home. So after a few days off from her job, because she did not have anyone to watch the kids, she decides that she wants to treat me better. So I am back, hopfully this time for good.

Update: I will be back to regular hard core posting on monday, after I re-hook up the hi-speed and the wirless network at my house. I kind of discountected it all when I was told to leave.

Update #2: My wife read this post, and got a little upset. She doesn’t want me to write about our pesonal life. So just to clarify, I am having personal problems so please disregard the rest of this post.

Russia: one plane has crashed another missing!

One plane in confirmed down and another missing in Russia. Russian officials are investigating whether this is an act of TERRORISM. Russian Plane Crashes, Another Said Lost.

Check back for updates. I will stay on top of this story.

Update (8/24 6:59PM): Reports of fire and smoke where the second plane dropped of the radar.
Here is more on the story from Fox News.

Update: Suspect being held in Church Couple Killings

Could this be the Murder?

Two days ago I reported on the story about Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall, a couple murdered while they were sleeping on a beach in California. I asked the question, “Have The First Shots Been Fired In The Second Civil War?”

Here is an interesting quote by Karen Scarseth the mother of the possible murderer Nicholas Scarseth:

“He’ll go down to the bars where he knows where the jocks hang out and he sticks out like a sore thumb, so he knows he can irritate them,” she said. “He brings up religion and politics to irritate people. He likes to stir people up.”

I will bet money the politics Nicholas Scarseth brings up to irritate people is not Pro-Bush or Pro-Conservative politics. To all of my conservative blogger friends that do not think lefties will use guns if there is a Second Civil War, I think we might be seeing one of the first exceptions to that rule. Once again, I must say loudly, “I DO NOT WANT A SECOND CIVIL WAR!” I am concerned that hatred for Bush and Conservative’s is at an all time high and I think that it will take a few small incidents to turn the lefts hatred into wide spread violence. If you do not agree with me, fine. I am just stating what I believe is evidence of the growing divide between the right and the left.

Here are the latest news stories about this murder:

Today the police have a suspect, “Police name person of interest in counselors’ murder“.
Another report says, “Police seek Wisconsin man for questioning in camp deaths

Here is a blogger that was friends with the murdered couple. There is a lot of personal info about Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall at this blog.

This is a terrible tragedy, I hope the families of Jason Allen, and Lindsay Cutshall can find peace.

Ladies Night

Found this hot pic at Conservative Air

Kerry: “Bring it on, no STOP!”

Profiles in Courage: Found this at Cerdipity

Zell Miller yells, “SWITCH?”


Zell Miller to go Republican?— John Little from Blogs of Wars
Rumors are flying:

Congressman David Dreier was just on Hugh Hewitt’s show and told the audience that there’s a rumour floating around that Zell Miller will formally change his party affiliation to Republican when he gives the keynote address at the Republican National Convention next week.
Ipse Dixit

I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Do you think it will?

Truth about Taxes Video

Hey Liberals, you say you want to hear the truth? Here are the facts about Taxes. Watch the facts about taxes video.