Legalize Marijuana: Are you crazy?

On Tuesday, November 30, I posted Why I am not a Libertarian! The comments section of that post turned into a discussion about legalizing marijuana and wife rape. We will leave wife rape for another post, but for now let us talk about why some people want to legalize marijuana.
Legalize Marijuana: Are you crazy?
Anyone that wants to legalize marijuana is crazy and a study today just might prove this statement. Marijuana may increase risk of psychosis. The last paragraph of the article says, “Doctors do not understand how cannabis increases the risk of mental illness but they suspect it affects the dopamine system in the brain which is associated with pleasure.” I think I can help the doctors understand why cannabis use has a correlation with increases in the risk of mental illness.

The majority of marijuana users have a pre-existing condition called liberalism. Those of us that are not afflicted with the mental illness liberalism, know that liberalism, is in fact, a mental illness.

Liberalism: A Mental Illness.
Liberalism affects the brain by making commonsense almost non-existent which results in an attempt by the mentally ill liberal to blur the line between right and wrong. Without commonsense the mentally ill liberal is at an extreme disadvantage to accept what they know as right and what they know as wrong. The difference between right and wrong is a constant and this is why we see an increase in psychosis rates for liberals and marijuana users. Since right and wrong is a constant and liberals and marijuana users are knowingly making wrong decisions, they feel shame and guilt. This shame and guilt often manifests itself as depressing thoughts, anger, and bitterness. Many liberals try to diminish their negative feelings with alcohol, drugs and/or other addictive and destructive behavior.

Liberalism affects an individual by increasing the frequency that a liberal will attempt to rationalize their wrong decisions in such a way as to reduce their perceived personal accountability for their own decisions. This reduced personal accountability leads to an exponential growth in wrong decisions and so we see the process repeated. A liberal makes a bad decision, and then tries to rationalize that bad decision to minimize their accountability for that bad decision, now the liberal has made another bad decision and the liberal must now repeat the process repeatedly until their sanity has been extremely compromised.

Learning from one’s mistakes is dependant on the level of personal accountability a person is willing to accept. Liberalism by design diminishes personal accountability until it is impossible for a liberal to learn from their mistakes. This causes the liberal to create a fantasy reality where they perceive anyone that disagrees with their self-created reality as unrealistic, intolerant, bigoted, homophobic, racist, evil, and/or George W. Bush. The liberal is now dependant on their mental illness to hold together the fabric of their fantasy reality.

The Cure For Liberalism.
There is a cure for liberalism. It is not a pill and it is not more liberalism. The cure is accepting personal accountability for one’s own actions, which will allow the liberal to accept right and wrong as a constant without continuously attempting to blur the difference. This cure is only effective if the recovering liberal learns from their mistakes (which means not repeating the same mistakes.) Once the recovery begins, the recovering liberal will begin to solve problems instead of continuously claiming that the problem is too complicated to solve. Next, the recovering liberal will become more and more optimistic that everything does not suck, and that it is possible to live a happy life. Living by moral values will insure that the recovering liberal will not relapse into their mental illness.
Tomorrow I will list a few of the moral values that will help cure the mental illness of Liberalism.

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