PA first, Commenter Banned.

Well it was bound to happen. I had to ban an idiot from commenting on Passionate America. Until yesterday, I had never banned anyone and I still have never deleted a comment. However that is about to change.

Anonymous2 is a fucking piece of shit. Anonymous2 (Now IMA Beatlesfan) is too much of a bitch to put a real email address on his comments. I will ban his stupid ass every time he posts a comment from now on. If he continues to try to pick a fight, I will tell everyone his real name and why he has a personal vendetta against me. I know who you are. If you have a personal problem with me you can always give me a call, you know my phone number. Are you too big of a bitch to pick up the phone? Keep fucking with me and everyone will know about you. If you would like to be civil then I will unban you, and you can go back to commenting. I do not give a rat’s ass if someone disagrees with me. I do not even care if you do not like me, but if you personally attack me, I will fight back. I will not post your name Anonymous2 if you send me an email so we can discuss this unfortunate incident. It is up to you. If you do not respond by email, I will delete every comment you have ever made. In addition, I will delete every comment you make in the future. I might even go up to your job and have a talk with your boss. So, you can go on playing pussy ass games or we can handle this like men.


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